Survival of The Fittest

Survival of The Fittest

In 2007 Kurt Walchle, the founder and President of Survival Straps, built the first piece of gear while sitting at his kitchen table. Today, his company hand makes “tough, cool, expedition ready gear” for adventurists all over the world and—what’s more—they do it right here in Florida with the goal of being one of the top manufacturers in America.

What is a survival strap? Basically it is a piece of U.S. Military grade paracord that is braided into bracelets, lanyards, and key chains in over 50,000 designs including officially licensed collegiate, PGA Tour, and U.S. Olympic Team versions. Additions to the standard straps include “dog tags” that can be printed with your emergency contact information, medical allergies, or a personal message. In an emergency situation, the paracord can be unwound and used as a survival tool.

The idea of unwinding your bracelet in an emergency may seem a little far-fetched to some. However, a quick glance at their webpage provides numerous stories of loyal customers doing just that. In fact, everyone that uses their Survival Strap in an emergency situation and sends them the story qualifies for a free replacement.

As unique and ingenious as their products are, they really have to take a back seat to their bigger goal of honoring and supporting our military men and women. As of now, they have raised well over a half million dollars with their line of Wounded Warrior Project straps. 50% of the proceeds from each strap directly benefit the project and the live counter on their website changes almost by the second as the total increases.

Protect yourself, support your military, and support American manufacturing; how can you go wrong?

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