HUB Featured Employee–Rachel Shaheen

HUB Featured Employee–Rachel Shaheen

Being a busy wife and mother of 3 is seldom a boring life. It might seem a little mundane to go through the motions week in and week out, but for Rachel Shaheen, it all somehow adds up to fulfillment.

Before landing at HUB as a customer service representative last year, Rachel had worked a variety of customer service positions, primarily for call centers that carefully scripted and timed all interaction with customers. Most of her prior situations were either part-time or seasonal. Finding a long-term opportunity at HUB was a big relief for her.

“I really enjoy coming to work,” she says. “The environment here at HUB is so agreeable. We still have performance goals and take our work seriously, but it’s relaxed at the same time. I feel respected and valued here.”

Rachel says working in a cubicle within earshot of some of the other veteran inside sales people has provided her with a priceless education in how to help customers.

When not at work, Rachel enjoys crochet and spending time with her family. She and husband Nathan are parents to Justin, 16, Julia, 13, and Erica, 6.

“It’s not much of a life to write about,” Rachel says. “Helping kids with schoolwork, cooking with Julia, going to church for worship and volunteering to help clean the building—before you know it, it’s Monday again and it’s time to do it all over again!”

It may not be much to write about, but a life lived in simplicity and contentment is rich.

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