Featured Employee: Matthew Skowron

Featured Employee: Matthew Skowron

Matthew Skowron remembers the day Gabriel came into his office and first told him his plans to pay out money if an order didn’t ship on the same day.

“I remember thinking it was kind of crazy,” he says. As head of inventory control, that meant that Matthew’s job was about to get a lot more interesting. But history shows that the “crazy” idea was successfully implemented and has become one of the pillars that define HUB Industrial Supply, thanks in no small part to Matthew’s abilities.

Like many long-time employees of HUB, Matthew started as a teenager boxing nuts and bolts and working various roles in the warehouse. In 2003, the year he started, there was very little automation to the order fulfillment system. “You had to remember where every item was located to be able to pull an order,” he says.

As more sophisticated systems were implemented, Matthew’s talents were increasingly relied on to roll them out and keep them running smoothly. He eventually worked his way into the inventory control manager position he now occupies.

Matthew is married and has two young daughters. He enjoys spending time outdoors on his mountain bike or swimming in one of Florida’s many natural springs.

“The thing I like best about working at HUB is that we are a young company full of energy,” Matthew says. “There’s a very positive atmosphere here.”

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