HUB Featured Employee: Savannah Maddox

HUB Featured Employee: Savannah Maddox

Savannah Maddox knows her way around Photoshop.

She is HUB’s resident graphic designer, and together with the other members of our marketing department, she is responsible for the way we appear to our customers and the public at large.

Just about everything that goes out from HUB in the form of catalogs, promotional emails, web pages, and printed communications contains elements that Savannah has contributed. She knows how to make her computer do stuff that nobody else knows how to do. “Savannah, can you do this for me?” is a commonly heard expression within the walls of HUB headquarters.

Savannah started with HUB two years ago as an intern while she was still a student at Florida Gateway College. When she graduated, she came on board full time. “I like working at HUB because I’m close to my family and I am able to use my creativity in my work,” she says.

She had considered a career in video game design, but decided that the comforts of home and the stimulation of her current job were too valuable to set aside.

The comforts of home include a 14-month-old baby, Leon, and boyfriend Lamar Lyons. The two have been a couple since 6th grade.

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