YOU’RE THE BOSS Election Gets Underway with a Bang!

YOU’RE THE BOSS Election Gets Underway with a Bang!

LAKE CITY—HUB Industrial Supply is in the midst of a battle royal to determine who should be “president” of the office of “You’re the Boss.”

The nine candidates are reaching out to their constituents, shaking hands and possibly even kissing a few babies in an appeal for votes. They are locked in a struggle to see who will win the right to represent HUB Industrial Supply in what has been dubbed “the march to the white box.”

When not on the campaign trail, eight of the nine candidates have full-time jobs as industry specialists for the company. The ninth is the president of HUB, Gabriel Curry. He is running as the incumbent candidate, since it is his likeness that currently gazes out from the rubber-stamp-like mark that bears the legend, “At HUB Industrial Supply, You’re The Boss!

“We have a very strong theme here at HUB that the customer is our boss,” said Curry. “Even the sturdy white boxes we ship our products out in have that cartoon of me saying it.”

Since this is an election year, Curry decided it was a good time to put his face to a vote. “That cartoon started out as a flight of fancy dreamed up by our marketing department,” Curry said. “My face was basically put there by default. I thought, ‘what better way to get our business partners invested in the ‘You’re the Boss’ concept than to put up my face against these hard-working industry specialists?’”

Which candidate deserves to be pictured here?

And to sweeten the deal, Curry threw in $2,500 worth of prizes to be awarded in a random drawing to customers and prospects who cast votes. The drawing will take place at the conclusion of the election on June 28.

The campaign kicked off on February 6 with part one of a three-part video series introducing the candidates. The video, hosted by two HUB employees moonlighting in the role of news anchors, lays out the campaign and presents each candidate’s stump speech. The videos were sent out as part of HUB’s Monday Morning Minute email program and posted on a dedicated website as well.

The website,, is considered to be the headquarters for the election. It contains information about the candidates, contest rules, a list of prizes, and many entertaining features.

It is also the preferred place to go to cast your vote.

Voters are permitted one vote per day until the conclusion of the promotion on June 28. Each vote gives the voter another chance in the prize drawing.

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