Summer Cookin’

Summer Cookin’

Summer is knocking on the door. Warm weather brings thoughts of outdoor activities and a yearning for grilled hamburgers and iced tea.

We at HUB want to help all our partners make good times happen more often by supplying your facility with a grill. All you have to do is purchase new items you’ve never purchased before from us. If your new purchases between May 6 and July 5 add up to at least $1,000, your facility will earn free grill delivered to your dock. The more you spend, the nicer the reward.

And if that weren’t enough, we want to make this promotion that much more interesting by giving every facility that earns a grill the chance to win a cookout catered and hosted by me!

Let me say that again: One participating company will walk away with the grand prize of a catered lunch, hosted by me. The winner will be randomly drawn from the names of all facilities who qualified for their grill by purchasing at least $1,000 dollar’s worth of new products.

I am excited for the opportunity to give away a lot of grills, and I am really looking forward to treating somebody to lunch! I can hardly wait to see who I will be cooking for! Will it be across town or across the country? Will I be grilling for 9 or 99? Whatever the case, I’ll be ready!

Another feature of our promotion is our dedicated website, You can get all the details of our giveaway and contest, and you can also share your favorite grilling recipes with the HUB Nation. Selected recipe submissions will be tested by our grilling specialists and featured on upcoming Monday Morning Minute videos.

All this talk about cookouts is making me hungry! Have a great month and go for the grill!

Earn one of these grills!

Every dollar you spend on new line items brings you a dollar closer to a new grill for your facility. All qualified purchases between May 6 and July 5 will count toward the following goals:

SILVER LEVEL: Buy $1,000 in new line items, get a George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor electric grill
GOLD LEVEL: Buy $2,500 in new line items, get a 2-burner Char-Broil gas grill.
PLATINUM LEVEL: Buy $4,500 in new line items, get a Char-Broil 5-burner gas grill.


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