Quad Force Extended

Quad Force Extended

There’s a new flying machine joining our famous fleet of remote helicopters! Our new quadcopter multiplies your flying enjoyment with its added maneuverability and complexity of controls. It even comes with an on-board camera that shoots photos and video and writes them to a micro SD card (not included). So, how can you get your hands on this bad boy? It’s FREE with a one-time purchase of $800 or more in items you have never purchased from us before. Simply mention the offer code QUAD800 with your order. Offer extended to til 6/30/2015; limit one per facility.



It’s been two years since we threw out our old website architecture and built a new site from the ground up. Although there were some immediate improvements when we rolled out the new site, the real value of the platform was the potential that it offered for future refinement and customization. If you’ve visited our site lately, you may have noticed that pages are loading quickly and it scales very nicely whether you are viewing on a big screen or your smartphone. Beyond these enhancements, there have been some really beneficial add-ons introduced recently that give our clients instant access to information that can save them time and greatly improve control over procurement.

The key to these controls is to have your HUB account linked to the website. This is more than just registering a user name; it requires a little bit of authentication. Once this is accomplished, it opens the window to your contract pricing and enables access to all kinds of user tools from viewing history and tracking orders.

And how about this: if you manage multiple locations, the tools allow you to monitor purchase history of each location in a variety of filtered views. You can view purchase history of specific items by region or by location.

And there’s more features coming all the time. If you have any suggestions for what new features we should add that would make your job easier, let us know!

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