I remember not too long ago sharing on these pages the tough negotiations I had with my kids when they wanted to keep bunnies. Now my oldest is driving a car. I really don’t feel like I could be old enough to have a daughter with her own car. Yet there she is, backing out of my driveway on her way to visit a friend.

Time passes at an accelerated pace the older you get. Each milestone I live through with my kids seems to come a little quicker every time. I often think of the biblical phrase, “Redeem the
time.” It means that life is short and we should choose wisely how we spend it.

I have always been a results-oriented guy. I’m pretty good at sticking to my goals and not getting distracted. But if I succeed in business  at the expense of my family and my faith, I will have failed at what really matters. I still work very hard at business to achieve ambitious goals, but my achievements would be pretty hollow if it came at the cost of a guilty conscience and a broken family. What does it profit a man if he should gain the world and lose his soul? Priorities and balance are huge.

As we move closer to 2015, our thoughts naturally play back the year that was and lay out hopes for the year to come. My wish for all my dear friends reading this is that 2014 was a fulfilling year for you and that the year to come will bring good health, happiness and personal fulfillment.

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