Meet our Staff: Judy Kent

Meet our Staff: Judy Kent

Judy Kent
Financial Assistant

Judy Kent is an early riser. Nobody really knows for sure when she shows up for work every morning; we just know that she’s going to be at her desk already looking at a spreadsheet or counting beans no matter how early anyone else reports for duty.

A veteran of 7 years, Judy says she still looks forward to coming to work every morning. Her primary job is accounts payable, but she gets asked to pitch in on other tasks with enough frequency that she has learned to stay flexible.

Judy says one of the nice things about working for HUB is that the company recognizes the value of treating vendors like gold. “We coddle our vendors,” she says. “That way, when a customer gets in a pickle with their inventory, we can go to our vendors and get them to do stuff they wouldn’t ordinarily do, so we can help the customer out.”

When she’s not at work, Judy enjoys spending time with her family, animals, and the great outdoors.

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