Meet Our Staff: Jorge Sotres

Meet Our Staff: Jorge Sotres

Talented people seem to be drawn like a magnet to HUB Industrial Supply. Case in point: Jorge (we call him George) Sotres, our IT manager. Jorge found his way here all the way from a little mountaintop hamlet near Mexico City.

Are his dreams in English or Spanish? ...or perhaps in MS-DOS?

Since he began here at HUB in 2006, Jorge has left an indelible mark on so many facets of the HUB culture that they would be hard to list all of them on this page.

As a young man in Mexico, Jorge studied computers and received degrees in systems analysis and programming. He also had a passion for teaching, and he eventually found himself on the faculty at the University of Cancun with the additional responsibility of heading up the university’s IT department, with several technicians under his direction.

As contented as he was with his successful career, he longed for a community where he and his wife could raise their two young children in peace and tranquility. He found the place he was looking for when he visited his brother in Lake City, Florida.

Pulling up roots wasn’t easy. He worked for a time in his brother’s automotive garage before he snagged a job at HUB. Even though his English was still “under construction,” Gabriel decided to take a chance and set him up in the company’s newly-created marketing department.

From the outset, Jorge became a force to be reckoned with. The marketing department wasn’t big enough for Jorge, and pretty soon he was hard at work improving HUB infrastructure. He has been instrumental in streamlining and automating our order and inventory system, changing our phone system to voice over/IP, and a host of other major improvements.

“My passion is God, my family, computers, and cars—in that order,” Jorge says. “My interest in computers is about how they can be used to help us be better, as opposed to just playing with machines because they are fun.”

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