Meet Our Staff: Joel Smollack

Meet Our Staff: Joel Smollack

The blue bench

The front of our warehouse has an enormous table known as the blue bench. It serves as a command post and staging area for everything from weighing out fasteners to laying out returns to duty as a buffet table when we host a company lunch. At one corner of this table is a computer and a stool where you will find purchasing/inventory assistant, Joel Smollack. Depending on how you define it, he either has the largest desk in the company or the smallest.

Joel’s duties here at HUB revolve around making sure our inventory system accurately reflects what we have in our bins, crediting returns and ordering items to keep up with demand.

Anyone familiar with automated tracking systems knows that you can never quite achieve total accuracy and must constantly reconcile what the computer says you have on hand versus what is actually there. Joel performs daily cycle counts on the inventory to keep things from getting out of whack.

Joel was born and raised in Lake City and has been with HUB for three and a half years. He started out as a warehouse hand and worked his way into his present position. He has become a critical component in fulfilling HUB’s $100 in-stock guarantee; if not for Joel’s commitment to his duties, we’d be sending out a lot of $100 checks!

A guy and his truck


In his free time, Joel makes the most of his F150 XLT truck. He likes exploring many nuances of the Florida countryside, which ranges from beaches and springs to rural landscapes that look pretty much the way they did before Florida became a vacation destination. He comes from a close-knit family and he enjoys spending time with his young nieces and nephews. He also likes to tinker with his gas-powered remote control truck, but is considering trading it for an electric one. “Nitro is too annoying,” he says, citing the amount of time he has to spend adjusting the carburetor every time the weather changes.

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