Meet Our Staff: Jesse Silvis

Meet Our Staff: Jesse Silvis

One of the many young faces found at HUB belongs to our catalog product manager, Jesse Silvis.

Jesse started out at HUB working part-time in the warehouse until he graduated from high school.

After coming on full time, he was promoted to the marketing department where he trained in catalog production.

Jesse now is our main catalog guy. He incorporates new products into our catalog database, checks facts with manufacturers, takes pictures of products, coordinates descriptions with our copy editor, and works with printers when a catalog is ready for publication.

HUB's Boy Wonder is a catalog wiz

It takes a certain kind of temperament to be able to gather accurate information and arrange it on a page so that users will be able to trust and understand it well enough to make a purchase. Jesse has demonstrated an aptitude for this kind of work in spite of his young age. He’s also a very diligent worker, logging an average 60 hours a week.

A handsome lad with a very understated sense of humor, Jesse lives with his parents and enjoys traveling when he’s not working.

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