Meet our Staff: Danny Kampmeyer

Meet our Staff: Danny Kampmeyer


Danny Kampmeyer
Customer Service

"Work sure is fun!"

We don’t have a receptionist to answer incoming calls; instead, we have a team of trained professionals like Danny who assist callers by routing them to the correct specialist, taking orders, handling returns or whatever else is called for to show our customers that they are the Boss. If you are calling us with any regularity, chances are very good that you’ve spoken with Danny at some time or other.

Danny’s demeanor can be compared to a Saint Bernard puppy: He can bowl you over with his enthusiasm and sincerity. He clearly enjoys his job here at HUB and he takes great pride in solving customers’ problems.

“Working here at HUB is somewhat like a dream job,” Danny says. “I enjoy having a job only 5 minutes away from home making it an easy commute back and forth to work. My wife and four kids really appreciate that as well. I have a great support team here and the whole company is like family.”

Danny comes to us after a 13 year career as a service manager in the Green Industry

Danny at rest

. He enjoys spending time with his family when he’s not working. With three daughters and one son aged from seven to one, there’s never a dull moment at home!

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