Lovett Pallet Recyclers Claims “Celebrity Broom”

Lovett Pallet Recyclers Claims “Celebrity Broom”

Yesterday’s Monday Morning Minute featured a demonstration of broom abuse that left one broom in pieces and the other, our famous ‘Unbreakable Broom,’ still able to sweep up the other’s remains. At the conclusion of the video, presenters John and Kirby offered to add the actual broom that was featured in the video to the order of the first customer who took advantage of the 4-for-3 broom special mentioned in the video.

Paul Lovett of Lovett Pallet Recyclers saw the video and was first to request the Celebrity Broom. It was not known if he was going to use the Celebrity Broom for sweeping or for his celebrity broom collection.

Celebrity Broom poses for publicity shot with Kirby Gregory

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