Long Live the Company Cookout!

Long Live the Company Cookout!

Citizens all over HUB nation were issued grills as a result of our summer promotion. Those who participated by buying new line items to earn one of three different levels of grills have had ample time to break them in by now. We hope this premium contributes to the happiness and well-being of your staff!

Meanwhile the hard-working folks at Leesburg Concrete in Florida were chosen at random from the pool of participants to be treated to lunch hosted and grilled by HUB president Gabriel Curry! Stay tuned until next issue for photos of that memorable lunch with the men and women of Leesburg Concrete!

Every time our hopper gets loaded with names, Gabriel wants to keep drawing and hand out more prizes. So three other companies were chosen to receive our Jumbo R/C Helicopters. Congratulations go out to Pallet Services of Tonawanda, NY, LKQ Auto Parts of Hutchins, TX, and IFCO Systems of Pendergrass, FL for being selected to receive these fun machines!

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