Nobody who has driven down a scenic highway on a sunny day in Vermont or Michigan when leaf colors are at their peak will soon forget the experience.

The crisp fall air, the cobalt blue sky setting off the vivid reds, browns and yellows of the leaves is one of nature’s spectacular performances. And it is made even more exquisite by its fleeting occurrence. Today’s stunning display is liable to be completely blown away in an hour when a gusty rainstorm passes through.

Yes, the vagaries of weather have a lot to do with the disposition of the leaves. To get the optimum effect, the following conditions must exist:

  • A wet spring and summer
  • Cooler autumn temperatures
  • No early frosts
  • Dry and sunny fall days

Timing is everything. State tourism boards and weather websites give daily updates on the condition of the leaves so “leaf peepers” can be armed with the latest information when planning their outings. If you are planning to travel to a popular destination to view the leaves, you should note that it may not be possible to get a hotel on the spur of the moment at the peak of the season. You may have to make your best guess as to the date and location, make your reservations in advance and have a backup itinerary in case the weather won’t cooperate!


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