Very early on New Year’s Day, our warehouse manager Levi Town lost his life in a fiery collision when another car travelling on the wrong side of the road collided with him head-on. He was returning from watching a fireworks display in Jacksonville with his wife and 5 children, which was something he did every year with his family on New Year’s Eve.

That’s the kind of guy Levi was. If he wasn’t at work, he was with his family. If he wasn’t taking them somewhere fun, he would be out in his yard, working on someone’s car, asking for nothing in return besides the cost of the repair parts. We here at HUB were keenly aware of his value as a manager and motivator of his young staff of warehouse workers. But as the eulogies of those who knew him well in his private life began to circulate, it become clear that this was a man whose contribution to society was under appreciated until his awful absence hit us all like a freight train.
Although Levi and the two occupants of the other vehicle were killed instantly, Levi’s wife and 5 kids survived the accident and were sent to area hospitals for treatment. In a way, the urgency we felt to tend to needs of the family distracted us from the pain of our loss. HUB president Gabriel Curry set up a crowd-source fundraising page on giveforward.com in the name of the Town family and opened the account with a $5,000 donation.

He announced that HUB would additionally match the next $5,000 that was received. That milestone was reached within a few hours, and donations continued to pour in well past 100K.

Curry and others also coordinated a work party of 100s of volunteers who got busy repairing and renovating the family’s house and property so Amber and the kids could face the future without having to worry about a leaking roof or other home maintenance burdens for a good while. The extensive task was completed in the space of a week.

It is very heart-warming to see the instant and enthusiastic response from so many. We know we can’t replace Levi, but we have pledged to take care of those who depended on him for as long as they need our help.


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