HUB Featured Employee: Taylor Turner

HUB Featured Employee: Taylor Turner

Meet Taylor Turner, one of our shipping specialists. He is one of the team members on the front lines of our warehouse, making sure you get your products shipped the same day.

Timely shipments don’t mean a thing if it’s the wrong stuff in the box. That’s why guys like Taylor are so careful to pick the correct items for our clients. Taylor says that every shipment he picks gets checked and signed off by a second staffer before it leaves our facilities. And if that weren’t enough, there are financial incentives for the shipping guys to reward them for their accuracy.

“I can earn an extra bonus every week if I don’t commit any errors,” Taylor says. “If I make a mistake, the cost of the mistake is deducted from that bonus. If it’s a big enough mistake, it will cost towards future weeks until it is paid for,” he says. There is also a bonus paid out for keeping each team member’s assigned area clean.

Taylor says that these incentives give everyone in the department an extra stake in accuracy and cleanliness.

“My bosses are awesome,” Taylor declares. “They treat me like my happiness in my job is just as important as my performance.”

Born and raised in Lake City, Taylor came to work at HUB right out of high school. He left for a little while to work for his uncle’s business, but he realized he really liked the job he had at HUB.

He still lives at home with his mom and dad and two younger brothers. An older brother is married and lives nearby.

When not working, Taylor enjoys spending time with his friends.

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