HUB Featured Employee: Shawn Johnson

HUB Featured Employee: Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson is a familiar face to viewers of HUB’s Monday Morning Minute. His voice is also well-known to anyone who has spent any time “on-hold” in our telephone system. What is less well-known to the general populace of HUB Nation is the important role Shawn fills as inside sales manager.

“I love the details,” Shawn says. “I love fixing problems—better still, I love fixing things before they even become problems.”

As HUB continues to grow and expand its reach in the marketplace, the potential for something going wrong is ever present. And where there’s danger, that’s where you will find Shawn. Now in his thirties, Shawn has been making things move smoothly at HUB since his early twenties.

“I had a little more hair back then,” Shawn says.

He also had fewer children back then. Shawn has been married to his high-school sweetheart, Melanie, for 17 years. They have 4 sons and one daughter. Raising a family of that size calls for some big-time problem solving skills as well, but Shawn is equal to the challenge.

Somewhere along the line, Shawn was recruited to participate in one of our video presentations, and it was at that time that his natural “announcer’s voice” became self-evident. Since then, his role as voice-over and news announcer has been cultivated as a welcome counterpart to the more serious business that characterizes the majority of his duties. The self-important, aloof persona he has developed for his newscasting duties on the Monday Morning Minutes with sidekick Jeanenne is strictly for comic effect; his only concern is that people may assume that’s what he’s like in real life.

“I’m really much more accessible in real life,” Shawn says.

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