HUB Featured Employee: Andrew Kolstad

HUB Featured Employee: Andrew Kolstad

There is something quite unusual about Andy Kolstad’s brain.

It has the ability to recall strings of numbers and letters that an ordinary brain would instantly forget. It has the ability to see patterns that look like noise to the rest of us.

That’s what makes Andy especially suited to his job in our marketing department. He gets paid to do the kinds of geeky things on a computer that he would probably be doing anyway even if he couldn’t get paid to do it.

He especially likes getting inside strings of website code and coming up with innovative ways to streamline our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and other tweaks that the rest of us don’t understand but are grateful to be able to use.

Andy also likes to work with video and audio editing software, so he is the technical guy behind the scenes on our Monday Morning Minutes.

“The best part about working here at HUB is the work environment,” Andrew says. “We have a very talented mixture of people in my department. We feed off of each other’s input.”

Andy has been working at HUB nearly 4 years. He grew up in Lake City and has been married to his wife Sharon for 4½ years. They have two children.

Andrew enjoys spending time with his young family when he’s not working. He also likes playing various sports and helping out on the A/V crew at his church.

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