Featured Employee: Xavier Stewart

Featured Employee: Xavier Stewart

When Xavier Stewart appeared for the first time on a recent Monday Morning Minute, we got more than the usual amount of feedback. People were curious to know more about the brawny 6’3” warehouse worker standing next to Bennett Lacey from the sales department, who stands 5’7” with his shoes on.

A native of Montana, Xavier spent the first 25 years of his life living on the Crow Indian reservation. In spite of his European name, he is a Native American. He left his home a few years ago to seek his fortunes elsewhere and wound up in Lake City FL where some of his relatives were living. Here he met and married his wife, Angela. They have two very young daughters, Esther and Eleora.

Growing up on the reservation was in some ways like living in another country. Although many of the residents of the reservation speak the Crow language in preference to English, Xavier’s family spoke English in the home. “I used to know more Crow than I do now,” he says. One of the privileges of membership in the Crow Nation is the right to hunt buffalo, and Xavier dreams of a vacation to the hunting grounds in the next year or two to exercise his privilege. He says his wife likes the idea as well.

When he’s not working, Xavier loves spending time with his family and fishing.

Xavier has been on the HUB team for a year, and he says he enjoys the positive work environment that exists between him and his fellow warehouse staffers. “We all believe in working hard and taking care of customers’ orders as efficiently as possible,” he says.

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