Wayne is a welder in our manufacturing department making band saw blades. He’s been with us for just over a year. “I’ve never been at a place with such a family atmosphere,” he says. “The
positive mood makes it fun to come to work!”

The production staff in our manufacturing department is paid for the work they do instead of by the hour. The incentive-based pay rewards workers who deliver consistent work and who work efficiently. “I think it’s great!” Wayne says. “It’s nice to be paid for what you do instead of the time you put in.” He also likes the flexibility of being able to take off to run an errand in the middle of the day, which is a lot harder to arrange when you are on the clock.

When HUB installed a state-of-the art Ideal welder, Wayne volunteered to be its operator. The more senior welders were reluctant to make the switch because the piece-rate for the new machine requires more blades to make the same amount of money due to the machine’s ability to produce more blades in less time. The guys who were most experienced on the older machines were afraid they were going to make less money on the new machine while they were learning how to operate it. Wayne accepted the challenge, reasoning that the opportunity to become proficient on the new machine had a bigger value for his career than whatever the difference in pay might initially be.

Wayne was raised by his grandparents in New York. He spoke Spanish at home because his grandparents were immigrants from the Dominican Republic. The family moved to Florida when he was a teenager when they bought a house just south of Lake City.

Wayne now lives with his wife Taleena and their twin toddlers, Cameron and Zaryah. When not working, Wayne likes to spend time with his family.

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