Featured Employee: Terri Roemer

Featured Employee: Terri Roemer

When Terri Roemer first came to work at HUB ten years ago, there were about 15 people working here. We had recently moved into the building that we still occupy today, but half of the space was leased out to another company.

In the years that have followed, she has seen the company grow from a mom and pop company that catered to customers in a 250 mile radius of Lake City to a national supplier with a staff approaching 50.

Terri had been manager of a local McDonald’s store when she was recruited to come work for HUB. She was put in charge of a number of administrative duties. The one assignment that took some getting used to was calling customers who were behind on their accounts. “I wasn’t prepared for that,” she says, “but then I realized that I could be nice about it.” Ten years later, she’s still the one who makes those calls.

“I absolutely love working at HUB,” Terri says. “It’s a fun company to work for. I would recommend anybody to work here.”

Terri has three daughters, all happily married. Her youngest, June, just left home to get married this summer. Terri says it’s a little quiet when she comes home, but she has too many distractions to consider herself lonely. She enjoys riding her bike and spending time with her daughters’ families, including her three grandkids. She considers herself blessed to have them all living close by.

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