Back in the early days of HUB Industrial Supply, a teenager named Stuart Johnson reported for his first day of work. He started in the warehouse and worked his way through a variety of positions, eventually acquiring a comprehensive understanding of all the departments of the growing company.

Now Stuart is Director of Sales and Marketing at HUB.

When Gabriel Curry rose from star salesman to become president of HUB Industrial, Stuart emerged as a key member of the management team. Stuart’s thoughtful, deliberative nature provided a sharp focus to Gabriel’s exuberant “full-speed-ahead” personality. It’s a partnership that has been extremely effective in moving HUB forward through the years.

Stuart also was instrumental in the development of many of the signature products that contribute to HUB’s success. Our exclusive metal cutting blades, Tru Galv™ cold galvanizing compound, and many other products we offer are the result of Stuart’s initiative.

Of course, Stuart will never take the credit for any of this. Instead of basking in the limelight, Stuart is more the kind of person that purposefully moves around the fringes of that light, doing what needs to be done so the whole team can get the recognition when success is achieved.

During his off hours, Stuart enjoys the chance to spend time with his wife and three kids. They like going places, doing outreach in the community, camping and traveling, visiting friends abroad.

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