When he first signed on to work in HUB’s warehouse, Silas Hernandez was taught to pick orders from a paper printout. That was a little more than three years ago. Looking back, it seems like
almost everything has changed since then. “Our warehouse has expanded and there’s tons more people working here now,” he says. The picking system has been automated and now everything is live. Silas and everyone else in the warehouse now use a scanner gun that displays what items need to be picked next.

Silas says there are some things that have not changed, however. “I like working in a friendly environment,” he says. “It’s hard to find a place like this where we’re all friends and we all get along.”

A native of Lake City, Silas grew up with many of the people he now works with. Now in his twenties, he took this job out of high school. He’s a quiet young man with a love of family and friends and a rich sense of humor. He and his girlfriend, Taylor Grecian, recently announced their plans to get married.

Silas comes from a very close-knit family and one of the things they share in common is a talent and love for music. Silas can sing and plays bass, guitar and drums. He plays drums in the worship band at his church.

Like everyone else in the warehouse, Silas is still soaking in all the changes in store now that we are part of a large corporation. “All the new changes so far are positive,” he

says, citing the added benefits that he will now receive under his new administration. “We’re all looking forward to what’s up ahead!”

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