Featured Employee: Ryan Tenneboe

Featured Employee: Ryan Tenneboe

One of the new faces around HUB is our shipping supervisor, Ryan Tenneboe. Ryan came here a few months ago when it was determined that our growing team of warehouse workers needed an additional layer of management to meet our production goals.

“I came here for the culture,” Ryan explains. “I had worked my way up in my previous job, but I knew that moving to HUB was a chance to further my career. I really enjoy the challenges and positive work environment here and the fact that we are a fast-growing company.”

Ryan just celebrated his first wedding anniversary to his wife Brianna and spends his free time going on adventures with his wife and roasting coffee beans. While he disclaims being an expert on the subject, his study into the topic of roasting coffee at least must qualify him as an associate professor.

“I don’t like your typical black coffee,” he says. “I believe adding cream and sugar takes away from the coffee taste.”

With the same visionary fervor that led others to invent the light bulb or prove the existence of the atom, Ryan has been seeking to prove his theorem that a great-tasting cup of coffee, gloriously complex with its cocoa, sugars,
floral accents and fruity notes can exist in the real world, unsullied by the bitterness that most coffee drinkers have accepted as the thorn that accompanies the rose. And what’s more, he believes he has proved his theorem in
some of the trials he has conducted in his kitchen. Other HUB staffers who have sampled his results agree that it is some of the best coffee they’ve tasted.

He orders unroasted (green) coffee beans online and roasts them in a popcorn popper. The device has a stirring arm so the beans are agitated and evenly exposed to the heat source. By varying the roasting time and temperature of the roasting, vastly different flavors result in the final brew.

“Roasting is just one piece of the puzzle,” Ryan says. “There are lots of other factors such as where the beans were grown, grind, brewing method—storage climate, even. It’s as deep as it is wide, but that’s what’s so exciting.”

“No two plants will produce the same crop year after year. No two farmers will harvest and process the exact same way and no two roasters will roast the same way. The result is you never have to settle for a mediocre or even good cup of coffee; you can have excellence.”

“You can have your own version of perfection. That’s coffee. That’s exciting.”

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