Featured Employee–Michael Tenneboe

Featured Employee–Michael Tenneboe

When he left his house for work that fateful Tuesday morning, Michael Tenneboe didn’t realize how bad things were until he got stuck in a traffic jam on the state road that runs underneath I-75 and past the entrance to the commercial park where HUB is located.

The roadway was impassable. Michael found a detour and arrived just as others were cutting the chain link fence to make a rear entrance to the park. He drove through and immediately got busy directing others through the makeshift driveway.

After three hours in the rain, Michael went back home to put on a dry set of clothes and noticed with alarm that water was collecting in his yard and steadily rising.

He went back to work a little while longer, but returned home when his wife notified him of the urgency of their situation.

Michael is the Receiving Manager in HUB’s warehouse. He and his wife Mindy were living with their baby daughter in a rented house, and he had no inkling that it would ever be susceptible to this kind of danger.

Back at home, the waters were steadily approaching the threshold. Word of their predicament spread through their network of friends, and soon there were thirty or forty people on the scene to help move their belongings to higher ground.

By the time the water finally made it inside their house, they had safely removed their belongings. The water rose about two inches—just enough to ruin carpets and baseboard. After two weeks of living as refugees in a relative’s house, they were able to move back in.

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