Featured Employee: Marga Arnold

Featured Employee: Marga Arnold

Behind every effective leader, you will find at least one person who has a gift for making things run smoothly. This type of person works behind the scenes attending to the details so the leader can focus on the big ideas. The reward is the satisfaction of a job well done rather than any public recognition.

For HUB president Gabriel Curry, the person who fills this role is Marga Arnold.

Marga projects the kind of confident efficiency that allows the rest of the HUB staff to relax. We know that all the details are going to be taken care of no matter what the project is when Marga is involved.

Marga came to work for HUB in 2005 when she answered a blind ad for an administrative assistant. She was invited to interview on a Saturday and did not realize until she was offered the position that one of the guys who she had engaged her in an informal conversation that day was the president himself. She had previously worked as a personal assistant to a bank president and also to a prominent ophthalmologist.

“I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work in very positive environments,” Marga says. “You can’t find a better employer than Gabriel.”

Despite her natural tendency to avoid the limelight, Marga did enjoy her moment in the sun as the chief of the Prize Patrol for several months when she would draw names on camera for a Monday Morning Minute prize promotion.

Marga is married with three children and three grandchildren. Husband Phillip grew up in Georgia and is a lifelong Bulldog fan, and Marga is happy to stand by her man. Even though they have a son attending the University of Florida, their loyalty towards the Dawgs has never wavered. They seem to enjoy the give and take they get from all the rabid Gator fans among their friends and family!

In the summertime, Marga likes to go with her husband and 5-year-old grandchild Conner out to the Gulf of Mexico to go scalloping.

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