Featured Employee: Levi Town

Featured Employee: Levi Town

Editor’s note: We’re reposting this blog article from a few years ago as a tribute to the memory of Levi Town. Levi was killed early new years day 2015 in an automobile collision that also seriously injured his wife and children. He was 33.  Levi’s life was characterized by devotion to wife and family as well as a talent for managing his staff of warehouse guys that was highly effective, yet somehow easy-going and gentle. His sphere of influence was large, and a great many people are going to miss him dearly. Any donations to aid his family will be accepted here.

(A previous version of this blog listed Levi’s age incorrectly and has been revised)

 Levi Town was a rising star in the Dollar General Distribution Center in Alachua, Florida. In 5 years, he had worked his way up from loading trucks to warehouse manager and it seemed like he had lots of room to grow within the company.

That’s when an acquaintance began recruiting him to leave it all behind to run the warehouse of a small industrial supply company called HUB Industrial Supply. The acquaintance was Gabriel Curry, and he worked on Levi for a solid month before Levi relented. He exchanged the security of a good job at Dollar General for the chance to put his skills and experience to work where it would make a difference.

There were other considerations, too. HUB had a more family friendly atmosphere and he could work days instead of nights. He knew he would never be faced with the decision to transfer to a different location that is so often the price of working for a nationwide company.

That was 6½ years ago. Since then, Dollar General has undergone changes in ownership and significant expansion to its volume. Yet Levi has no regrets or second thoughts about coming to work for HUB.

“I do like the small company atmosphere,” Levi says. “Working for HUB has given me a better personal life.”

Since coming to HUB, Levi has instituted many of the procedures and management techniques he learned in his former position. “I had to author a lot of Standard Operating Procedures when I first got here,” he says. The added sophistication in process implemented by Levi and others  has enabled HUB to transition from a mom and pop regional distributor to its present size and reach without any serious growing pains.

Levi enjoys going on road trips with his wife and 5 kids when he’s not working. Their oldest son, Levi, Jr., is 11, and their youngest child is 4. As an added bonus, they have been raising his wife’s kid sister, Monica, for the last several years.

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