Accountants tend to have a reputation for leading dull and uneventful lives. Whether that is generally true or not, the reputation does not apply to our controller, Kevin Kock.

HUB’s CFO was born on a livestock farm near tiny Chancellor, South Dakota. At the young age of 19, Kevin was thrust in the role of head of the family farm upon the death of his father.

By the time he was 23, he was certain that farming was not what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He sold out and moved to Sioux Falls, where he trained to be a refrigeration technician. But life had other plans for him.

The economic recession of the early ‘80s stymied his grand entrance into the refrigeration trade, so the newly married Kevin decided to go back to school, and this time his chosen
field was accounting. Again, life intervened.

What followed was a long string of semi-skilled jobs in a variety of fields from making gold and silver ingots to carpet cleaning. He always made a good impression with his employer, but he could never quite find a satisfying fit for his skills and interests.

He finally saw a chance to use his professional training when a friend invited him to take over as accountant for a mid-sized roofing company. That turned out to be just the entrée he needed to begin his career as a financial officer, and a series of opportunities followed that lent him the experience which, combined with his academic training, enabled him to become the wise and powerful money manager that he is today.

Kevin was recruited to work for HUB nearly ten years ago, and his hand on the financial rudder has been steering us clear of treacherous shoals during a period of record growth. He says HUB is the best managed business he has ever worked with. He also thinks working with predominantly younger team members keeps him on top of his game. “I  love the youthfulness, the energy of HUB,” he says.

Kevin has lived in Lake City with his wife Mary for more than 25 years. They love the outdoors and spend their free time swimming and biking. They also love the Smoky Mountains and travel there twice yearly.

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