You may have noticed a lot of people with the last name of Lacey working at HUB. There are actually four of them: three brothers who are all industry reps; and their dad, Ken, who is our content manager.

As content manager, Ken is responsible for most of our written communications. That includes product descriptions in our catalogs, blog articles, and many of the stories you read in this newsletter. He also is involved in the videos we produce.

For Ken, his job matches his interests perfectly. “I love the opportunity to be creative with words and writing, and part of me also really enjoys the technical aspects of learning about our product line and the details of the regulatory issues facing our customers,” he says. “And I love the nurturing environment that exists here at HUB.”

The son of an advertising executive, Ken grew up in the Chicago area in a community loaded with talented people. “One of my classmates is now a U.S. Senator; another is an opera singer in Vienna,” Ken says. He moved his family to Lake City in 1989 and pursued a dream of owning his own business while raising his four boys with his wife in the country. It was a bumpy ride. “Every year, I did a little better than the year before,” he says,” but I could never quite get out of the hole that I had started out in. Then the economy went nuts around 2008.” It was time to try something new.

When his son Sam got hired as a sales trainee, he showed Ken some of the marketing materials HUB was using at the time. Ken could see an opportunity to improve upon what he saw, and after a conversation with then president Gabriel Curry, he started helping out on a freelance basis. In 2011, he came to work for HUB full time.

Ken and his wife Aida celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary earlier this year. He met his future wife about a month after she had emigrated with her mom and stepfather from Cuba. Ken and Aida just returned from a trip to that country, which for her was the first time she saw many family and friends in nearly 35 years. A photo album of the trip is posted here.

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