Featured Employee: Justin Kent

Featured Employee: Justin Kent

Justin’s face first appeared in this publication in 2012 when he came to work for us as a summer intern.

When school began again that fall, he continued helping us on a part-time basis, and eventually signed on as a full-timer. At first he was helping out in our accounting department, but eventually he secured a spot in the marketing department, which conforms much more closely to his interests and education.

“I like the market research side of marketing,” Justin says. In other words, he’s the guy that analyzes response rates and helps point the creatives in directions that get the best results.

An affable young man with a large stature, Justin blends in well with the high octane, good natured culture of the office. A coworker once observed how Justin’s skills bore certain similarities to Chuck Norris, and the nickname “Chuck” stuck.

“I like the laissez faire culture they have here at HUB,” Justin says. “Nobody is going to babysit you; you can get a lot done if you are a self-starter.”

Justin’s extracurricular interests are typical of many young men in a country environment. He drives a Mustang Boss 302 and spends a lot of time outdoors on the waterfront boating, fishing, and tossing a ball around with friends.

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