Featured Employee: Joey Roche

Featured Employee: Joey Roche

Some of the things sold at HUB are actually made here as well. This month we introduce you to Joey Roche, one of the guys that work in our manufacturing facility, welding band saw blades together.

Joey has been working at HUB since March of 2011. He came to us after a long career in the plumbing business. When new construction in our area slowed down to a dribble, he decided it was time to try a new career.

When asked what he likes about working at HUB, Joey cites two things: the first is the positive mood that prevails among coworkers. Having experienced the uncertainty of working for a company that was struggling to survive in a down economy, he feels grateful to be part of a company whose outlook is so positive.

The second thing he likes about his job is that his pay is tied to his performance. He can set his own hours and work as much as he wants because he gets paid for his output. “People ask me if I could do some plumbing sidework for them,” Joey says. “I think about all the saw blades I could be welding if I really wanted extra money, and I have to tell them no.”

The flipside of performance pay is that if we ship out any blades with defective welds, it comes out of Joey’s hide. “I’ve never had that happen,” Joey proudly says. “I’ve always been very particular about my work even before I came to work at HUB.”

Joey has been married to his wife Lisa for 15 years and they have two kids, Kyle, 11, and Abbie, 8.

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