Featured Employee: Jeanenne Sides

Featured Employee: Jeanenne Sides

It’s a busy life for Jeanenne Sides. The accountant and part-time Monday Morning Minute personality is planning her wedding, working on her physical therapist certification, and spending as much time as possible raising her 5-year-old daughter Taylor.

Jeanenne first came to work for HUB as an inside sales rep a year and a half ago. When a position opened up in accounting, she moved into that role, having previously earned a B.A. in accounting.

When the “You’re the Boss” election was being planned, she had not been on the radar as a potential talent to sit opposite Shawn on the Election Central news show. She was recommended by one of her co-workers when the employee who had been cast in that role left the company.

As serendipity would have it, Jeanenne wasn’t just an adequate substitute for the role, she sparkled. Sales reps became accustomed to having to discuss Jeanenne’s performance as a prelude to talking business with their customers.

Jeanenne says her daughter Taylor is a lot like her when it comes to expressing herself. “She’s very imaginative,” she says, “and she has a great sense of humor. She has a wide range of facial expressions to communicate just what she wants to say.”

As much as she enjoys her job at HUB, Jeanenne’s interest in physical therapy will likely take her away from us after she has been certified as a physical therapist. She has about a year to go in her training, but she hopes one day to work full time rehabilitating seniors with disabilities due to accidents or medical trauma.

And did we mention she’s getting married to Mitchell Adams in March?

This is one busy lady!


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