When Danny was a little kid,  he watched his dad build things out of metal. “I’ve been around welding my whole life,” he says. So, it’s not surprising that Danny has gravitated toward metal fabrication as a career now that he’s grown.

Danny has been working for HUB for the last 2-1/2 years, welding band saw blades in our manufacturing facility. He is soon to take on on the additional role of managing the production of all the blades we produce there.

Prior to coming to HUB, Danny worked for a construction company installing metal roofs. He says he likes the work environment at HUB and is proud to be part of the manufacturing team. “It’s a high-energy, fast paced environment, and we’ve got a great group of guys that work here.”

Home life for Danny is even busier than a day at the shop. Between wife Callista’s home-based bakery business, two darling little girls aged 1 0 and 7, and a dog, Danny has gotten used to not having much time to himself. Cali’s talent for making commemorative cakes has organically grown from a part-time hobby to a serious business in high demand. When they can, they like to get away to the mountains or the beach. Hiking and fishing are favorite activities.

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