The manager of HUB’s receiving department is a young man named Austin Cunningham. Austin was one of several people that were hired to prepare for for the renovation of HUB’s shipping department nearly three years ago, and he has distinguished himself as a capable and organized worker.

“I like the friendly atmosphere here at HUB,” Austin says. “It feels like family.”

Perhaps one reason it feels like family for Austin is because the family he comes from includes 11 other brothers and sisters. He is the third in the line of siblings ranging in age from 29 to 7, all born to the same remarkable mother and father.

Austin’s dad spent many years working for UPS as a “fixer.” He was a special-ops manager who got sent to terminals with management problems, and his job was to figure out what needed to change to get the terminal running smoothly. Sometimes he would spend months fixing the problems before being assigned his next challenge in another location. As a consequence, Austin and his brothers and sisters did a lot of moving until his dad finally got out of that line of work and settled in Lake City. Austin was 13 years old when the family put down roots here for good.

The nomadic upbringing seems to have built a strong family bond as well as a strong character in the Cunningham kids. Almost all of them have stayed near Lake City as they have come of age and they all seem to find interesting things to do in their careers. One sister lives in Washington D.C. because her husband, a member of the U.S. Air Force, works on Air Force One.

Last year, Austin got married. His wife, Megan Elizabeth, teaches 2nd grade. The two of them enjoy outdoor activities including snowboarding, surfing, and even skydiving. Austin has jumped 84 times and is working toward a goal of becoming an instructor.

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