Meet Our Staff: Andrew Carrender

Meet Our Staff: Andrew Carrender

He was sitting at home with his wife, minding his own business when a text message came across Andy Carrender’s phone.

A branch manager at One Main Financial (formerly Citi Financial) with 15 years’ seniority, Andy hadn’t had any reason to expect a career change was in the wind. But that unexpected text message posed a question that suddenly blew in a fresh breeze of interesting possibilities.

The message was from Gabriel Curry. It simply asked, “Would you consider coming to work for HUB?”

Over the course of the next month, Andy became convinced that the opportunity Gabe was offering him was worth leaving behind his comfortable, if not predictable, career.

“I had reached a plateau in my job,” he says. “There was no room for advancement unless I was willing to relocate, and I wasn’t interested in doing that.”

You can tell by that comfortable smile that he made the right choice

The happily married father of three wasn’t interested in pulling up roots for the sake of career advancement. All his family, including a twin brother, lives within a mile of him. But the opportunity to make a difference in a growing company where he was more than just a cog in a huge machine (and still be able to come home for lunch) proved to be irresistible.

So he gave his notice and joined Matthew Skowron in HUB’s inventory management department.

Andy points out the differences in corporate culture are obvious,. “It’s exhilarating to work for a smaller, growing company where I have real input in decisions that will shape our destiny,” he says. “At the same time, it’s a really good experience to have worked for a big corporation and be familiar with the efficient practices that were in place there so we can incorporate the good ideas here.”

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