Most of us enjoy watching a viral video on YouTube now and then. YouTube is a true democracy where the public decides what it likes without any middle men deciding if the material is good enough or not. Anybody can put a video up on YouTube, and if you get enough people to click on your video, you can become famous and, in some cases, even rich.

There is an emerging genre of YouTube videos that gets millions of views despite the fact that they are so long and boring that they routinely put people to sleep. One such video stars a $10 box fan droning on for 8 hours with no change of camera angle, and it has been viewed well over 2 million times. The fans of this fan video aren’t tuning in to find entertainment; they’re looking for some
white noise to drown out distractions.

The creator of the the videos, Lindsay O’Connor, is a high-school dropout who spent many years in the home remodeling business, doing well financially but finding no passion in his work.

After 35 years in a job he didn’t like, he started to pursue his interests, which were photography and Yoga.

With no experience in computers or digital photography, he started out very slowly around 2008 and through much frustration, he finally got to the point where he was able to post a few yoga and relaxation videos online.

“Something clicked,” O’Connor said. “I started making more and more sleep videos.”

One of his early efforts—a video of rain from inside his parked car—elicited a letter from a grateful mom who wrote to tell him the video put her difficult baby right to sleep. The rest is YouTube history. O’Connor’s YouTube Channel is named YogaDuke.

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