Company Lunch Autobahn Speedway

Company Lunch Autobahn Speedway

One Saturday in mid-December, HUB team members and their families assembled for a company lunch and some fun at an indoor go-cart track in Jacksonville. There was a lot of excitement as old and young (48” tall and up) donned safety gear and buckled themselves into the electric racers which could reach speeds of 50 MPH.

Courtney Corona’s Acapulco
Client Services team member Courtney Corona grew up in a small town in northern Florida. In spite of her rural background, she is quite cosmopolitan in her outlook. She learned Spanish as a teenager, and eventually fell in love with and married a man who migrated here from Acapulco.

Courtney and husband Mauricio recently returned from a two-month trip to his homeland, where the two of them helped in Mau’s family business and in support of a missionary church in Acapulco. Acapulco is a beautiful coastal city with some very serious crime and political corruption. Courtney said she feels herself very fortunate to have been able to spend time ministering to the many needs of the people and grateful that her job he

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