While Fred Giovannitti is away at work, he stays in touch with his kids’ drawings

Fred Giovannitti divides his time between his home in Delaware and Nevada, where he owns a tattoo studio. He is a father of two kids aged 6 and 8.

Like so many parents who juggle career and family, Giovannitti was unhappy to spend so much time apart. He sought any way he could to be connected to his kids even when he was away.

Giovannitti likes to spend his commuting time working on his tattoo concepts. One day he forgot his sketchbook, so he figured he would color in a drawing his daughter had given him instead.

When he came home, she was delighted to see the results. Giovannitti realized he had just hit on a great way to be involved in his children’s lives in a way that both dad and kids could eagerly participate in.

“I love coloring the drawings and I never know how (they) will turn out,” Giovannitti says. “I usually find myself outwardly chuckling while coloring, constantly entertained by the progress. It’s better than watching a movie. Sometimes they turn out so hilarious to me. I love it.”

“When the kids are involved, you hope for as much positivity as possible because you want to share it with them. This was definitely the case with their artwork,” he said.

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