Greetings! As anyone who knows me will confirm, I prefer looking forward to looking back. Yet I do believe that rearview mirrors have their place, and once a year it is an excellent practice to look at where we have been.

2012 was another prosperous year for our company, thanks to our great customer base who continue to put their faith in us. We added over 700 new customers in the last 12 months, and we are grateful for every one of them. We have simultaneously brought in hundreds of new in-stock items as well as added warehouse facilities in strategic points on the map to get customer’s orders delivered even faster.

Indiana Warehouse / Photo to come

This summer, we inaugurated our second satellite warehouse, this one to benefit a wide swath of customers in the Midwest and Northeast. As we did with our first satellite warehouse in Las Vegas, NV, we started out stocking it with items from one of our sub-catalogs and gradually worked it up to where it is now shipping to our customers in several industries in that part of the country. Since every item in our catalogs is guaranteed in-stock, the logistics of stocking each warehouse becomes more complicated because we want to avoid having to split orders between warehouses. But it’s worth it for all our friends in the affected delivery zones that are seeing their packages arrive 1, 2 or even 3 days faster!

New Products

2012 saw the launch of some important products exclusively available from HUB. Among those were:

  • Tru-Galv Ultra Silver cold galvanizing spray paint, a significant improvement over existing formulations
  • Nail Shredder bandsaw blades, offering marked performance improvement for pallet recyclers
  • Tru-Galv Silver Pro cold galvanizing spray paint
  • Private label ear plugs and first aid kits
President of You’re the Boss

Of all the promotions we’ve ever run, the one that had the most moving parts and got the most participation from the HUB Nation was far and away our President of You’re the Boss Election. The promotion pitted nine candidates against each other for the right to be the face of HUB Industrial Supply for the next year. Marketing had the foresight to schedule the event during the summer months before “election fatigue” had set in across the nation. In the end, Jonny Guinn’s Same Day Shipping party prevailed, which is why every package we ship out these days has his face instead of mine on the cartoon image. Videos and articles from the campaign are still available on www.vote4hub.com.

Will It Land?

We started the year with a return to our helicopter contest, where dozens of contestants submitted their amateur videos of HUB copters in flight to be judged in our juried contest. The winner, as well as all other entries, is still available to view at the dedicated website: www.willitland.com.

The HUB Chapter of the Mutual Admiration Society

Mainly, we had a great time this year building relationships with all of our great customers, vendors and friends out there. Everything I mentioned above has one purpose in mind, and that is to serve our customer— to save you money, and help make you operate more smoothly.  We want to be the friend that never lets you down and who helps you be your best. If we ever fall short of that goal, I personally want to hear about it so we can get even better.

Have a Great Month!

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